InBound Marketing & Sales

Knowledge and experience in taking stagnant business websites and reinventing them into lead generating tool for marketing and sales. A thorough approach of examining the existing site and performing an SEO audit to determine the equity in existing content and identify the gaps that will be addressed in development of the new site. The results from the SEO audit will provide the roadmap and along with the software HubSpot, will assist in properly constructing a site. It will be optimized for generating meaningful traffic that will translate into trackable client leads. Obviously, content is a crucial ingredient in this formula; yet the process of identifying and classifying the type of engagement, assigning a meaningful metric to this engagement, and moving this engagement through an automated process that will result in a qualified lead that has matured for the sales process to begin. The process continues in HubSpot’s CRM software that allows a granularity in tracking the lead through your organization’s sales process.